Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Anonymous Surveyor Without A Clue October 1 2013

Anonymous Surveyor Without A Clue

Surveyor's visit at flat 12 Curran house, October 1, 2013. The anonymous surveyor who looked a lot like Donal Daly, arrived in the afternoon. As he approached the flat, and stood at the front door his phone rang and he answered it as I stood in the doorway supported by my walking stick. The anonymous surveyor conducted a very abrupt conversation on his phone and when he had finished the call to another person, the abrupt anonymous surveyor who did not identify himself or show his badge asked if he could come in and I agreed. Although I have not seen Mr Daly for some years, I'm pretty certain it was him and let him in as a courtesy in his discourteous state.

First he asked me why he was here, and I said I assumed it was as a response to somebody from the disability team who said he was coming this particular Tuesday afternoon. He was looking at his notes and finding it difficult to work out why he was there in the first place. I said as far as I know, it was to survey the bathroom, toilet and kitchen. That there were leaks either from the shower room or from the toilet in particular. He had a quick look at the shower room/bathroom and asked if it was my installation or a council installation, and shared with him that the installation was one installed by the council. The abrupt anonymous surveyor who might be Mr Daly, had a perfunctory look at the shower, then moved on to the toilet, and he asked me if a plumber had seen the toilet and I said a plumber had seen the toilet which apparently leaks. He muttered that he couldn't understand why it hadn't been fixed straight away. I then mentioned pipework in the kitchen, that there was a problem between plastic and copper pipes and continuous blockages over the years. He did poke his head round the door of the kitchen but did not examine anything either in the kitchen or the toilet. The anonymous abrupt surveyor scratched his head.

Having been on the doorstep answering his phone in a very abrupt manner, the anonymous perfunctory and abrupt surveyor made his way out of my flat and said over his shoulder that I might expect a telephone call. And the visit was faster than the telephone call taken on my doorstep or so it seemed to me. The anonymous perfunctory clueless surveyor who spent more time on his telephone than investigating whatever it was he thought he ought to investigate, left me without a clue as to purpose, real identity and next steps beyond a telephone call sometime.

Overall a very disappointing wait and for what? If the anonymous surveyor, who failed to show any form of official identity, had no clear idea of his purpose, was more interested in answering his phone in a very abrupt manner, failing to identify himself and failing to carry out any particular investigation other than a look, I cannot imagine what the purpose of having a surveyor is in settling the issues which have already been raised and appraised and reported.

I'm truly astonished that the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea is employing people who do not have the right information, the right interpersonal skills, the right professional skills to investigate and an appropriate manner when dealing with people with disabilities, obvious to anyone who might see a person with a walking stick as they were answering their phone. More likely, this particular individual is so self absorbed and so self-important, or maybe they are just so important that nobody else matters. This is a catastrophic nightmare which must have been going on for years if I am right in assuming that this is Mr Daly who came to survey something in my flat. And if I'm wrong and it's not Mr Daly, then there is more than one self-absorbed, self-important individual working as a surveyor for the RBKC TMO Department.

Can you please tell me what I might expect as a result of this particular visit?


Donald Oddy