Thursday, 27 June 2013

TMO Repairs June 27

July 27, 2013… Seems like a never-ending story and the story changes each and every time somebody comes to do something. It means I can be working from unreliable information supplied as each view of each person helps the story evolve differently. People make assumptions about why I might be reporting repairs. I guess I can make life more difficult by suggesting alternatives which in my opinion might be more cost-effective?

The Carpenter arrives yesterday after 11 o'clock. Promised between eight and nine last week, so the work can be done expeditiously and without too much inconvenience, given my health. Between last week, and today… Last week Willmott Dixon turned up on Friday when I was expecting somebody from the TMO repairs office. Willmott Dixon delivered a hamper, which I had asked not to be delivered, and yet at the time of delivery. I was trying to work out why Willmott Dixon had turned up and not the TMO. The hamper a gesture of goodwill by the contractors Willmott Dixon. I don't believe half of what is said these days, because what is said by different people leads me to different conclusions. And it makes me quite irritated that no one seems to know what the other ones are doing.

The repairs to properties of my landlord are carried out by the TMO repairs Department who contract the work to different companies. Depending on the nature of the complaint or repair and need for timely action is indeed the function of the TMO repairs Department. From March 27 to June 27, from a blocked drain to a shower room problem to rodents getting into my abode, the process, the miscommunications and lack of timeliness has been very frustrating. And still, the TMO repairs Department do not seem to be able to offer anything in terms of truthfulness about what has happened and is happening.

When the handyman came round, actually I should say the contractor, thought to be a carpenter by me, turned out to be helpful and yet programmed to deliver a different solution to the one offered. I spent quite considerable time clearing out areas in the kitchen so that the Carpenter could then fill in and make good holes in cabinets and cover-up the voids behind them. When the Carpenter came, he said, "what I need to do is find out where they are coming in, the mice, and block up the holes which cause them access." I was happy with this because that seems to be the right thing to do. So he went and got his tools, wire wool and some cans of expandable filler.

Meanwhile, with the quick discussion with the contractor about what appeared to be leaks in the toilet, I realised that there was a principle of physics, which had an impact, and to which I was totally ignorant in scientific terms, "Bernoulli's principle applies to the concept of fluid dynamics, and states that an inviscid flow – one without resistance or interference – can only be produced when an increase in the speed of the fluid occurs at the exact same time as a decrease in pressure or a decrease in the potential energy of the fluid. Any imbalance between these two properties results in interference in the substance's fluidity." So I am now very uncertain about previous comments to do with leaks from the soil pipe!

And then the contractor blocked up the holes which previously would have been concrete and brick with wire wool and expandable foam. All very good. If it works, I will be delighted to have less of a rodent problem.

I took some photos, it seemed an appropriate thing to do. Where once there was brick and concrete, and as a layman what looks like asbestos covering the floor, there is now wire wool and expandable foam. Although the building does not seem to be falling down, the option of wire wool and expandable foam instead of brick, concrete and what looks like asbestos, the solution may well be okay?

What I learned so far from yesterday's visit? Since I have been here, the rodents have had access through all the backs of the cupboard's in voids in the wet room, the toilet and kitchen. And that the extent of the holes in the kitchen cupboards was far more of a problem than I ever imagined. What it means for me is that for several years rodents have had access. And by the time I get to see the evidence, and have contacted the TMO about it, the problem has manifestly been bigger and more extensive than is obvious. I do commend the pest control Department for their part in this, putting down bait to kill them off, at the same time the access points and the holes for the rodents have been exposed for quite a few years prior to my living here.

I really am gratified to know the science behind what seemed to be a leak in the toilet, even though there is oxidisation on the copper pipes as can be seen in the photographs. And what suspiciously looks like asbestos in the floor behind the WC does concern me.

The backs of the kitchen cupboards are exposed, the pipework coverings on pipes from the boiler still have quite wide gaps. The toilet? And the bathroom/wet room floor has come off to a degree and the side wood panels/flooring are not glued correctly. Progress. I guess?

What happens next?